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Healing Arts

The transformative power of these modalities is best experienced over a series of treatments.

Healing Arts treatments are available as
a Series of 5 at 15% off.*

*Must use within 75 days.


This incredibly subtle, yet powerful, technique has a profound effect on the central nervous system while balancing rhythms between the head (cranial) and low back (sacral) to release deeply held physical tension and improve whole body performance.
25 min $60 / 50 min $100 / 80 min $140


An innovative treatment that dramatically improves the appearance of scars using microcurrent to stimulate the body’s own resources for collagen and elastagen production.
25 min $60


Electro impulses stimulate and smooth facial muscles for smoother skin, lifted brows and lids and an improved tighter appearance. Using the EZZI-LIFT Microcurrent Facelift System.
25 min $60

How Microcurrent Therapy Works

Your body has a natural electrical current that provides intercellular communication through electromagnetic signaling.  When you have an injury, this signaling is disrupted or diminished.  Without the proper electromagnetic signals, your cells cannot do their job efficiently.

Microcurrent therapy helps to restore your electromagnetic field back to normal, thus allowing your injured cells to repair themselves.  This leads to healing and prevention of re-injury.

When an injury or disease occurs, the injured cells resist this microcurrent so that it takes the path of least resistance around the area of injury rather than through it. This prevents the supply of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients to the injured cells, causing pain and delaying the healing process.

Microcurrent therapy targets the affected pain area, reaching injured cells, potentially restoring and regenerating them to alleviate chronic pain by closely mimicking the human body’s natural current. It acts on the cellular level to helps increase ATP production. ATP is the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. It also stimulates protein synthesis, which is necessary for tissue repair. Inflammation is reduced, blood flow is enhanced, accelerating the healing process.

While microcurrent is part of the TENS (transcutaneious electrical nerve stimulation) class, it differs from TENS in that TENS operates at much higher current levels and is used to block pain for short periods of time. Microcurrent therapy operates at a much lower frequency (you will not feel any tingling or discomfort during treatment) and promotes long term recovery and healing.

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